Friday, 1 August 2014

HP Studio Tour

A little while back, I had the chance to attend the Harry Potter Studio Tour near London. I can't even begin to explain how extraordinary and purely magical it was.
You are given privileged access to all the sets & props used in the movies. You are free to roam around the vast area and your eyes are constantly looking at something, whether it be a huge set or a tiny - yet very special prop.
This place is a dream come true for all Potterheads. Whether you prefer the films or the books doesn't matter here, your imagination runs wild regardless. For me the best part of the whole experience is that you can take as many pictures as you like. They even encourage you to do so ! As you can probably imagine, I took an excessive amount of photos.. so I've picked my favorite ones and i'll be sharing them with you :)
I've also decided to limit the amount I show you because I really don't want to spoil your trip and give anything away. Enjoy the magic ! x
Disclaimer : I'm a BIG fangirl.. 

 Some of the most important characters costumes !

 Some of the iconic wands

Gryffindor common room !

 Turn to page 394..

 Yep, I opened the chamber of secrets.


 50 shades of pink 

 Butterbeer !

 & we also coincidently met Luke Friend !

What's your favorite HP movie ? :) 
Love, Kate x

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  1. Goblet of fire is the best one i don't care what anyone says.