Wednesday, 30 July 2014


If there's one thing i'm truly grateful for, it's having the friends I have. Here's another feeling filled post just for you readers ! I can't think of many ways to write this post and there are so many things I could say, but this is what I came up with. *queue soppy music* Granted, some friends stick around and others may be out of sight but that doesn't change anything. Just because we don't see or talk to each other as much it doesn't change the beautiful memories and the amazingly fun moments we all shared together.
We are so lucky to have photography and to have practically given to us. Photos capture these special moments and even though they can't replay them, no matter how much you which you could relive them, they remain memorable instants captured with a simple click of the camera. I'd like to share with you some of the special moments we shared as our dysfunctional - yet truly awesome "group" of friends. Enjoy x 

Summer & Myself

Holly & Rosie & Summer & Flora & Amanda

Holly & Myself

Holly, Rosie, Elijah, Summer, Naomie, Jake, Flora, John, Jordan

Thanks to Rosie & Summer for the photos. 

Monday, 28 July 2014

LBD & Blogging.

Where to start. I've been a really lousy blogger ever since I started this blog back in December. Seriously though, I need to get my act together and start updating it more.
Not just because I enjoy putting photos up, editing things, but because I really miss writing. I used to write all the time, from music to books (yes I once wrote a book but I doubt you'll ever read it unless I pluck up the courage to post it.. we'll see ! )
For me, writing is the perfect cleanser. It cleanses me from all the stuff I have going on, it's a way of getting everything off my mind without even having to open my mouth. So here I am, sat in my bedroom writing everything that comes into my mind - well almost everything. 
I suddenly feel incredibly motivated to express myself, it's almost like i'm having a mid-teen crisis where I have to pour out my feelings, my thoughts, my ideas before it's too late. Too late for what you'll ask ? I still have no idea but once I find out - i'll let you know.
Now that i've started this post on an extremely "philosophical" emotional note, I'm going to get on with the exciting things that I have in store for this blog !
I thought i'd kick off my new blogging chapter with my favorite Summer Dress. 
Who doesn't love a good Little Black Dress ? 

My dress is from Topshop. I don't know if you'll find it in many of their stores as I purchased mine from the ridiculously huge store on Oxford Street. I went there with Holly & Summer - if you haven't seen their blog, go check it out !
I love this dress way too much, I think it's fair to say I over wear it. I love how simple it is, yet so special with the lace detailing. It's very light to wear and makes the perfect beach cover-up. 

Summer & myself

Holly & myself

I hope you enjoyed my rambling & let me know - what's your summer essential ? 
Kate x